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24 Apr

Video Copilot seems to be gearing up to release Element, the new Plugin that will knock the sox off the After Effects community. Of course this is just me thinking this, but he is up pretty early today?!?

 Free model pack at The Pixel Lab, Joren lines up another great free model pack for us. Make sure you check out his Blog for great tutorials, And some amazing packages they have put together.

Great insights to Creative CLOUD from John Nack.

Tell the world About Me…. or about you anyway, at About Me Dot Com.

The GreyscaleGorilla has a new tutorial out, check it out HERE and get your learning on. “In this tutorial, I try to recreate some of the effects in Ion’s beautiful Spherical Animation using the Cloner, Step Effector, Atom Array, and Cel Renderer. I also show you how to do the final composite in After Effects.”

 Cameron Moll On a recent trip to Newcastle took some footage and made THIS video. Very peaceful. Shot on a Cannon 7D

Simple colors, simple contrast. Great piece. Check out this info motion graphic work.

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