25 Apr

color plays a huge role in the elements of design. Color can guide the viewer of your work or, draw the eye to important words with red text. A piece that uses a color scheme instead of just using your favorite colors all just mashed into a project is much more appealing to the eye. Give things emphasis with contrasting color.

below are some sites with information you will find useful in the study of color.

I am in no way affiliated to any of these sites, these are just sites that will get you started in the right direction for learning more about color.


Color theory

Other color resources – I really like the way this site uses graphics, and information to explain color. navigate the pages to dive into other areas of COLOR. – A site that has some useful information about color. – sites like this one let you choose a scheme, then you can take a small screen capture of the colors that may have the hexadecimal # for that color, bring this screen cap into your software you are using and sample colors from it.

Watch how here.

This is a video that is part of my Blog, it shows how to use a color swatch from a website and use it in a program like after effects. the full blog post can be seen on my Blog

Color picker swatches and palettes. – a Java plug-in color tool – colourlovers has some free color tools that are handy. – a color scheme maker – one of my all time favorites. You can also download and use the adobe air Kuler app. I am pretty sure you must be online to use the air app though.

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  1. itvteacher

    April 26, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    while researching todays blog post I came across this.
    scroll down a little and there are some color theory lessons.


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