27 Apr

I think Line gets the short end of the stick. But Line is everywhere. Some think of line as just the straight lines on notebook paper, or the wasted time at the grocery store. Stop and look around you, see it? It is there! Everywhere, Curved, straight, creating texture, separating things,

If you have ever seen a piece of art that was created with just lines, you probably liked it. Our minds like lines, they like order, and so lines can make us feel agitated or aggressive if they are chaotic, or calm if they are all lined up nice and neat. As the second topic in The Basics, I want you to take some time and use line, look for line and share what you know about Line.

Below are so resources to help get you started learning more about Line? – Define it. – Line? What is that…. – Real world examples of Line in use. – examples of Line in use with some simple descriptions.


Let me know what you think about Line. Happy learning

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