Basics – An example of putting it all together

01 May

So What have we so far?

Color. Line. Texture.

Let’s take a look at a graphic

there we are, it serves a purpose. Black text on a white background. you can read it and the important stuff is bigger. Great. But………… How about we add some color

That is a little more appealing to the eye, but just because I like those colors does not mean they look nice together. when using color you need to think about contrast, and how the colors harmonize together.

Now these colors use value to add a little bit of difference in the lines.

Add a little line to things???, well it does change things, but what about alignment…..

Thats a little better, using line to break up the different pieces of text. ok, Looking nicer.

Where is your eye drawn when you first look? to the biggest, most contrasting part… the use of color here draws the eye, the use of texture breaks it up and makes it so the top is not noticed much, (negative space) and the bottom as well. the high contrast blue and yellow tell you that this graphic is about church, if you linger longer you see that it is trying to tell you about services, and if you want to know more the fine print tells you the time of sunday services. I used text tracking to draw out the lower text lines so the aligned better with the rest of the graphic.

So we took a simple graphic, used color, Line, Alignment, and texture to improve the overall feel of the piece, and to also guide the eye where we wanted it.

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