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Useful Expressions

here is the keynote file from the RMAUG presentation.


This is a list of sites that offer some very useful expressions.

5 expressions that will change your life

Creating Trails

Smooth Wiggle

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My 5 Favorite Expressions

Dan Ebberts’ AE Expressions

AE Enhancers

not sure where this one came from but I find is useful.

3D layer invisible while facing backwards to camera (use on Opacity):

if (toCompVec([0, 0, 1])[2] > 0 ) value else 0

I came across this tutorial and thought I would add it to this post.

Helpful Adobe expression links

Online resources for expression examples

Expression examples

Add, edit, and remove expressions

Hope you find these sites useful, hit me up on Twitter with any questions, @ITVteacher

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don’t forget about exclusion/project- C4D quick tip

Many times you may want something to show in the reflections but then other things to not show. Using a compositing tag can allow you to “exclude” things in reflections, also similarly you may want lights to light some things but not others, in this case you can exclude the items in the projects tab of the light properties. In this sample scene I was playing with HDRI maps and wanted the Sky object to show in the reflections of the spheres, but not the background/floor, my floor was slightly reflective and the HDRI image looked like crap on the background/flood, adding the background/floor object to the exclusion area of the sky compositing tag made it so the sky showed up where I wanted it but not on the background/floor.

example of wanted and unwanted reflections

example of wanted and unwanted reflections


Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 1.25.41 PM

Exclusion area of the compositing tag


exclude in the project tab of a light, or some other objects

exclude in the project tab of a light, or some other objects



much better

much better




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Doing Dailies

Ok, so are you doing an everyday render? I started doing them in January of 2014 and January went pretty smooth. I was not working at the time and was able to spend plenty of time on them. Late January I started working and now I am having trouble balancing work, kids, and dailies. My biggest challenge I think is being creative. When I started my plan was to try new things. This is all good if you have the time to research and play to get something that looks decent, but with less time I am finding it harder and harder to stay creative and try new things.

So with all that said, HATS OFF to anyone that has done an everyday for a year or more and still puts out sexy renders.

If you are doing dailies please consider commenting on the following questions below.

1) are you using primarily one software?

2) how much time do you spend doing yours?

3) do you find it difficult to come up with a concept/idea?

4)have you missed a day?


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86 top-quality typography tutorials

check out a great post over at creative blow. Take some time and get your type on.

Creative Bloq

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Working on Everyday’s or Dailies?

Check out these folks that are using a daily project and render to improve their skills.   @everydayswiss      @demafleez     @itvteacher     @EugeneOpperman     @rovino     @mrmikeflorio      @drieslambrecht     @beeple    @dezignphreak    @askflo      @cblaylock      @deweysi      @neuron_design       @fluxx_koen   @Marco_Holland

want your link here? send me a tweet @itvteacher and I will add your link to the list

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Nice Material Pack

Check out the picxel Labs new PRODUCT



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Available for freelance

Available for freelance

2D, 3D, Motion Graphics, Broadcast Design, Web Graphics, Advertising.




2d motion Graphic












Basketball  project

3D motion Graphic







Web Graphics

Web design

Still frame of Web Design






Broadcast Design

Broadcast Design

Still frame of Broadcast Graphic

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