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Useful Expressions

here is the keynote file from the RMAUG presentation.


This is a list of sites that offer some very useful expressions.

5 expressions that will change your life

Creating Trails

Smooth Wiggle

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My 5 Favorite Expressions

Dan Ebberts’ AE Expressions

AE Enhancers

not sure where this one came from but I find is useful.

3D layer invisible while facing backwards to camera (use on Opacity):

if (toCompVec([0, 0, 1])[2] > 0 ) value else 0

I came across this tutorial and thought I would add it to this post.

Helpful Adobe expression links

Online resources for expression examples

Expression examples

Add, edit, and remove expressions

Hope you find these sites useful, hit me up on Twitter with any questions, @ITVteacher

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AE Tutorial – Lower third

We make a lower third seen in the TV series The Mentalist.

Broadcast Graphic – After Effects Tutorial from ITV Teacher on Vimeo.

Make a lower third in after effects.

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Broadcast Graphic workflow

Broadcast graphic workflow from ITV Teacher on Vimeo.

I take a lower third full swing, modeled in C4d and rendered out as a TIFF sequence, brought into After Effects to render out as a brought into Apple motion for some text and behaviors and saved as a Final Cut Pro master template.

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New website

I forgot to post on here that I started a new website, I decided to get hosted and get rid of the .wordpress part. I have added a few posts over there so make sure you check it out. It looks the same for now but I will be changing it up a bit in the future.

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Twitter – #ff

#FF Friday Follow

taking it a step farther

if you know twitter then you know #ff! I my self get lost in the multitudes of tweeps that get mentioned. And let’s face it! it’s friday. I have the beach and BBQ’s on my mind. Well this week I want to take a moment to mention a few people you should be following on twitter, and give a little info about them.

BTW, these are in no particular order.

@BiscuitsnDavey –  Great informative site.

@eyedesyn – Ej was a presenter at NAB 2012, He recently won an Emmy for his work. He provides information and tutorials, Also is involved with the great C4D preset/plug-in Text EdgeFX

@jorenkandel – Joren is a great resource. Likes to pop out quick tips

@remmac –  Great model maker, free model supplier from time to time.

@maxon3d –  they follow the C4D community pretty closely, so following them is a good idea.

@RagingClaw – Need python? I hear this is your guy!


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News – Community Happenings

Greyscale Gorilla has a new Five Second Project up at his site. This is a great way to work on something and get some practice. Check it out here .

Pixel Labs has a contest going, Win your choice of a model pack!  Click here to find out more, and enter to win.

Seems like Lester banks is monkeing around over on his site, and it is a great animation. Marcus Alqueres is the creator i guess. Learn more and check it out here

Maxon  and Dave Glanz have been hard at work and have a few things ready for us, Pics from NAB 2012, and all the presentations  are up at Cineversity

Lots of great things going on with Adobe CS6 and the creative cloud. Many tutorials on the net and reviews as learn more head on over to Adobe’s site


Community News- Design, Motion Graphics news

Video Copilot seems to be gearing up to release Element, the new Plugin that will knock the sox off the After Effects community. Of course this is just me thinking this, but he is up pretty early today?!?

 Free model pack at The Pixel Lab, Joren lines up another great free model pack for us. Make sure you check out his Blog for great tutorials, And some amazing packages they have put together.

Great insights to Creative CLOUD from John Nack.

Tell the world About Me…. or about you anyway, at About Me Dot Com.

The GreyscaleGorilla has a new tutorial out, check it out HERE and get your learning on. “In this tutorial, I try to recreate some of the effects in Ion’s beautiful Spherical Animation using the Cloner, Step Effector, Atom Array, and Cel Renderer. I also show you how to do the final composite in After Effects.”

 Cameron Moll On a recent trip to Newcastle took some footage and made THIS video. Very peaceful. Shot on a Cannon 7D

Simple colors, simple contrast. Great piece. Check out this info motion graphic work.

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