Cinema 4D Tutorials

in part one we take a quick look at the expresso that runs the arm, and then start modeling the arm piece that will be used for all three of the final robot arm pieces. Using extrude, inner extrude and a hyper nurds object we get started with the modeling process.
Check out my blog for more Cinema 4D, After Effects, and design work/tutorials.

Cinema 4D Tutorial – make a nice styled logo or text

using copies of a mograph text item, and some nice reflections, we will create a scene that can be used in animations or still shots.

Cinema 4d Tutorial – soft lighting

I was just playing with objects with a luminance material to create a soft lighting set-up

Cinema 4D tutorial – Facebook profile pic

We will make a profile picture for Facebook, or just a cool design
get the font here

Cinema 4d – Time savers

A couple time savers for your workflow in C4D

Cinema 4D tutorial – Atom Array Boole

this is the tutorial for the atom array boole object

Cinema 4D tutorial – Camera Controller

This is a method learned from Making it look great 6. We create a camera controller using nulls and user data, with a little expresso. This makes animating a camera in a scene much easier.

Cinema 4D tutorial – Animated texture with alpha channel

We will use an animation in a material for Cinema 4D, and set up the alpha channel so it shows the wall behind it.


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